What can you expect from the Financial Health Exchange?

19 Nov 2015 By Sian Williams

The Financial Health Exchange will provide a news and analysis service, enabling you to stay up to date and well informed on the issues. You’ll also be able to see the latest research, contribute to consultations, attend events and feedback your views and opinions.

But our main focus will be on sharing thinking, up, down and across the Exchange membership. We’ve met so many of you across the country over the years, and we come away from every conversation inspired by your commitment to doing the right thing and excited by your passion to create real change for people.

So a key theme will be creating more opportunities for you to meet each other, in person at events or virtually through online case studies, webinars or conference calls. We want to facilitate the grassroots conversations, listening carefully to identify recurring themes which might indicate the need for systemic change and then coordinating work to take that forward. I want to be able to feed your views into as many “environment shapers” as possible; government, regulators, industry bodies across a range of sectors from banking to insurance to housing to transport, or bodies such as the Financial Inclusion Commission.

We want your views and evidence to influence policy and regulation, and ensure that product and service design across a range of sectors truly reflects user needs. We want to give you the chance to workshop your challenges together, collaborate on ideas, and save time and resources by seeing other people’s “wheels” instead of each having to invent your own. We’ll share our own ideas and learning with you too, in the hope it will add value for your work.   And where it’s helpful, we’ll offer training, consultancy and evaluation tools to help you improve and measure your impact.

This is just the start…

We want you to keep telling us what you need and want, being as specific as possible so we can tailor our support. We will go on asking you what you are trying to achieve and how we can help; I very much hope that your experience of the Financial Health Exchange will mean you think it’s a conversation worth your time. For now, take a look around and consider registering your interest for our first regional events. And don’t forget to sign up for regular updates! I look forward to continuing the conversation, and to seeing the momentum towards creating a financially healthy UK gather pace.