Infographic: The Future of Credit Scoring

A new article from has explored credit industry developments in the use of ‘non-traditional’ credit data; the article has been accompanied by a useful infographic to summarise the main findings.

Given the number of startups dedicated to its development, social credit scoring looks like it’s the next big thing in the financial technology industry. But what is social credit scoring – and why does it matter so much?

“While Google develops artificial intelligence and BMW speculate about crash-proof motorcycles, the finance sector is honing in on one of the world’s biggest markets: the social networks,” says the article. “The credit industry is changing, utilising alternative data sources in order to build loan-seeker’s financial profiles.”

From Facebook posts to location tracking, call history and browsing history, the way we use technology to interact with the world around us is now becoming part of how we’re evaluated for loans and credit cards. But how can we keep on top of it?


Check out the infographic, below.