Creating LifeSavers

A new report on LifeSavers, a joint initiative by the Church of England and Young Enterprise, has been published. LifeSavers seeks to establish schools savings clubs in primary schools across the UK in conjunction with a financial education curriculum. The aim of this initiative is to ensure that children grow up with the skills, knowledge, values to manage their money well now and in the future.

“Creating LifeSavers: Exploring the formulation and implementation of the LifeSavers financial education programme” draws together the findings from a research project into LifeSavers funded by the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management. The focus of this project was on the development and implementation of the pilot programme, drawing out lessons and considerations in advance of the national roll-out. The report draws out a number of key elements of the pilot project which potentially lend themselves to successful implementation whilst highlighting some challenges to be considered as LifeSavers develops and grows.

Report author: Dr Lee Gregory