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This sections includes information about our current research projects, past research and publications, including reports, articles, and consultation responses.

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Current Research

For more information about any of our research projects, please contact Carl Packman, Research and Good Practice Manager.

High-cost short term credit

In collaboration with the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University, this project will investigate the impact of the regulation of high-cost short term lenders and borrowers, and how this is reshaping credit markets for borrowers. This project therefore seeks to understand how consumers in these markets now access finance and the implications for financial inclusion, well-being and welfare.

This research will be the first independent, academic assessment of how sub-prime consumer credit markets have changed since the regulatory cap on the cost of UK payday loans, following the high-profile debate on the role of payday loans as a form of HCSTC in UK society. The project will map the subprime credit landscape to show how it has changed since the regulatory changes to assess where people now access credit such as: credit unions, unregulated or illegal sources. This is to influence public and policy debates and responsible lending practices.


The impact of cheque imaging on the financially excluded

The Cheque and Credit Clearing Company has asked Toynbee Hall to explore the potential negative impact of the new cheque imaging clearing process on low income or financially excluded consumers.

Currently, some underbanked consumers are required to cash cheques through non-bank cheque-cashing service providers, which may become untenable once the new system comes into effect. Others rely on the time it takes to send and a process a cheque to smooth lumpy income against expenditure. This research will assess the key risks caused to vulnerable consumers by the change to electronic processing.


Savings for the Future: Solving the Savings Puzzle for Low Income Households

An Evaluation into Moneyworks: Brighton and Hove

Toynbee Hall Money Mentors programme – Evaluation report

The Poverty Premium in Tower Hamlets

How far is too far? Is there low income consumer detriment from gaps in free-to-use ATM provision?

The electronic payment needs of people on low incomes

Access to Cash

‘Older old’ consumers and those living with cognitive, physical and sensory disabilities

Publications we have contributed to

Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2017 (Year 2)

UK Consumer Digital Index (Benchmarking the digital and financial capability of UK consumers)

Moving Money 2025

Inclusive by Design

Recent consultation responses

Submission to Work & Pension Select Committee’s inquiry into Universal Credit

FCA Call for input: high-cost credit

HM Treasury and DWP’s Public financial guidance review: consultation on a single body

HM Treasury’s Help to Save consultation

HM Treasury’s Public financial guidance review

MMHPI’s ‘In Control’, a consultation on regulating spending during periods of poor mental health

We have also provided evidence to the House of Lords Financial Exclusion Committee, which you can download here.


You can find these publications and many more in our knowledge bank