Policy Themes

Our policy priorities for creating a fairer, more financially healthy society arise from our understanding of people's real needs and identifying the root causes of their financial issues. Our approach focuses on gaining an understanding of what isn't working well enough and then identifying how to make the most effective interventions within the financial health environment.

We are currently working on the following overarching themes:


An estimated 1.5 million adults in the UK don’t have a transactional bank account and many more are under-banked, this has a significant impact on the financial health of the UK. Read more about banking.

Affordable credit

Rising costs and more irregular or insecure employment has squeezed household incomes and forced millions of households to rely on credit to make ends meet. Read more about affordable credit and its impact on financial health.

Financial capability

It is estimated that low levels of financial capability in the UK cost the economy £3.4 billion each year.  Read more about financial capability. and the new Financial Capability Strategy.

Savings and financial resilience

People on low incomes or living in poverty often lack any form of savings, recent research found that 41% of UK households could not last three months without their main source of income. Read more about savings and financial resilience.

Poverty Premium

The term ‘Poverty Premium’ describes the additional fees, charges or higher prices people pay as a result of being poor, this costs some people an extra £1280 a year. Read more about the Poverty Premium.

Welfare reform

Ensuring that welfare reform is designed and implemented so that it effectively supports the financial health of the benefits claimants and their families is crucial if we are to achieve a financially capable and resilient UK population. Read more about welfare reform.

Debt and advice services

Debt and benefits advice, as well as advice on employment, housing and other issues which have a significant impact on financial health, form an essential part of the financial health landscape. Read more about debt and advice services.

To see our policy work in action, download our policy consultations from the knowledge bank.