Policy & Practice

From our influencing work with government and industry to our delivery of financial education, we believe that a combination of both policy and practice is essential when addressing barriers to financial health.

Policy & Practice

We look at how money works – and can work better – for people. We listen to what people say about money and examine the problems they experience using financial products and services. Central to this approach is identifying “policy-practice gaps”, where what should happen and what does happen are misaligned, leading to unintended consequences.

This gives us an understanding of the more systemic, environmental causes of poor financial health, and we use this understanding to drive forward our policy and influencing work.  It also helps us to identify where individuals would benefit from improved capability and we use this insight to develop better financial education solutions. We aim to work with stakeholders at all levels and across all sectors to co-create a more financially healthy environment.

Our policy and practice in action

  • We design and deliver effective financial education to help individuals become more financially healthy and overcome the barriers of financial exclusion – we support others in the sector to do the same.
  • We help organisations to examine their own policies and practices to identify any that may negatively impact the financial health of their customers. And we share this learning across sectors for maximum benefit.
  • We influence government and industry to legislate, regulate, design and deliver better products and services that help improve the financial health of individuals. And we ensure the views of users shape everything we do and say.