Revealed: The Future of Financial Health

4 May 2017

Financial Health Fellowship

13 entrepreneurs have been selected to take part in the Financial Health Fellowship, a ground-breaking programme for financial innovators with a social mission.

Toynbee Hall and The Financial Innnovation Lab can reveal the 13 entrepreneus who have been selected to be part of the Financial Health Fellowship. The Fellowship is a ground breaking incubation programme, will be delivered over six months in 2017, and will boost strategic know-how, transform leadership skills and prepare Fellows to scale their businesses.

Applications were accepted from entrepreneurs and start-ups with a social mission and an emphasis on improving financial health.

The Fellows have been selected on the basis of their potential to positively disrupt the financial system and challenge the rules of the game in financial health. Their projects include:

• flexible financing for individuals and employers, focused on supporting new parents
• an app that uses social gamification to encourage saving
• a platform that enables tenants to secure affordable rent, save towards mortgage deposits and pool savings
• a community bank for underserved individuals and businesses in London.

The Fellowship programme, delivered over six months in 2017, will boost participants’ strategic know-how, transform their leadership skills and prepare Fellows to scale their businesses. The programme brings together the Lab’s expertise in incubating disruptive financial innovation and Toynbee Hall’s understanding of financial health, with sessions taught by leaders from across the alternative finance sector.

Meet the Fellows

“It is with great pleasure that we announce the names and organisations of the Fellows for the Financial Health Fellowship, an exciting new programme of work carried out jointly by the Finance Innovation Lab and Toynbee Hall.

We are pleased to say that we have attracted a lot of talented individuals and start-ups who are at the beginning of their journey focusing on financial innovation in the context of unmet consumer need and improving financial health.

For Toynbee Hall this is a very important opportunity to impart some of our knowledge working within our local community with the next generation of financial creatives to see how innovation can improve lives.”
Carl Packman, Research and Good Practice Manager