Barclays Credit Union Programme rolls out for its final year

23 Jan 2018

Barclays Credit Union Programme

Barclays is a proud supporter of the credit union sector. Since 2004, we have given over £4 million to community finance in the UK, supporting over 100 credit unions and CDFIs to innovate and grow.

We are now inviting applications for the final year of this 4 year Barclays programme providing £1m of professional training and support for credit unions throughout the UK. It is focusing on increasing the capacity, skills and resilience of credit unions to grow and become more effective and sustainable organisations benefiting even more households. Thirty credit unions have now received robustly evaluated training and direct support. Their very positive feedback as well as our own evaluation work is showing how this has greatly helped them build their skills and ability to serve the needs of their local communities.

This is a last opportunity for your credit union also to benefit from this programme.

The programme is open to all credit unions in the UK, regardless of affiliation. Through this programme, we aim to encourage collaboration, identification and sharing of best practice, and the development and enhancement of key skills and operational practices to promote growth and improvements across the sector. This in turn will allow credit unions to better meet the financial needs of their members and support more financially excluded and underserved households to manage their money and access and use appropriate financial services. It is being delivered through a number of expert delivery partners: Toynbee Hall, ACE Credit Union Services and UKCreditUnions Ltd, with the involvement of staff and senior executives from within Barclays.  The programme is being independently evaluated by the Financial Inclusion Centre.

The programme funds a team of specialists who work with participating credit unions to explore their key support needs and priorities and then develop and deliver tailored training and support that will help make a sustainable impact in the sector, improving the skills and capabilities of selected credit unions and their members across the UK. This is a collaborative learning programme; we are robustly evaluating the delivery methods and impact so we can identify what works for wider sharing. We welcome applications from CUs at different points in development (i.e. very new, more mature) and the training programme will be adjusted to fit their needs.

This application is for Year 4 of the programme which will run between April 2018 and March 2019. We hope that you will consider applying to take part in this exciting opportunity.

The application deadline for Year 4 will close at 17:00 on Monday 19th February 2018. Applications will only be received via email; hard copies will not be accepted.

Please send your completed application to:

Download the application here.