Our vision

The Financial Health Exchange is committed to creating a fairer, more financially healthy society.

Our vision

Our aim is to improve financial health in the UK.

We do this by working to create a more financially inclusive environment and empowering individuals to make informed choices. We believe that sound financial wellbeing occurs when people are empowered to make their money go as far as possible.

But as well as understanding money management and financial services, people also need products and services that work well for them. This goes beyond just financial services – we believe every sector has an impact on the financial health of its customers in the way it does its core business.

Poor policies and practice make it harder for people to make the most of their money and we have seen the harm that this can do.

Our years of experience in providing people with the skills to improve their financial health and tackling financial exclusion have given us a strong understanding of how financial systems work well – or don’t – for people. We work to identify the root causes of financial difficulty and work in partnership with multiple sectors to tackle them effectively.