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The resources on this site, along with our events, training, consultancy and evaluation tools and services help organisations throughout the UK to put financial health and inclusion at the heart of their work.

We help policy-makers and practitioners stay up to date on the latest financial health thinking and ensure that financial health good practice is followed in all of their work with clients and service users.

We are at the forefront of shaping the future of financial health in the UK. Our publications, research, good practice examples and expert opinion pieces are accessible to all those who want to improve the financial health of others.

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The Financial Health Exchange is part of Toynbee Hall.

Toynbee Hall has worked on the frontline in the struggle against poverty for 130 years. Based in the East End of London we give some of the UK’s most deprived communities a voice, providing access to free advice and support and working together to tackle social injustice.

Toynbee Hall helps over 13,000 people a year. Our years of experience in providing people with the skills to improve their financial health means that we are in an ideal position to help others improve their financial health policies and practice.

Toynbee Hall

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